Wednesday, 18 May 2011


Carrying on from my last blog about Becknik's Wonder Emporium in Chester I confess that I returned and bought some gorgeous deep blue glass dessert dishes. If I had enough money I would have liked to have bought this 1950s kitchen and had it shipped home to Northern Ireland, but my budget didn't stretch far enough!

Next blog I will show the lovely pieces that I did buy.

Thursday, 12 May 2011


I'm on 'holiday' at the moment, staying with my sister in lovely Chester. I love the vintage and charity shops here and usually return home with a case full of goodies, so within an hour of arriving Sis gave me a treat by taking me to the latest addition to Chester's vintage establishments.

The outside of Becnik's Wonder Emporium looks fab so I had a feeling that it was going to be amazing inside, and it was. I took quite a few photos but they all turned out too dark to post on the blog but I'm going back again tomorrow so hopefully I can get more. Becnik's was packed to the ceiling with vintage clothing for men, women and children, accessories galore, jewellery, china, linen and lace, old sewing baskets, fabulous teasets, china cabinets, retro kitchenware and picnic sets, mirrors, old school desks and comfy sofas.

I found some lovely crocheted doilies with pansies in this old sewing box and I bought them for the new Decadence HQ (you can tell its not going to be your typical office!)

Now, anyone that knows me well will know about my obsession with teasets, and my obsession with collecting owls, so this was a double whammy - an owl teaset!! My lovely Sis bought it for me as an advance Christmas present (I wish I was as organised as her) so I won't get to see it again until 25th December. I'm sure that by then I will have accumulated more owls and more teasets so it will be right at home.