Friday, 9 April 2010


Whether you are going for the cute look a la Doris Day or want to channel your inner femme fatale in the manner of a classic film noir seductress, a pair of gloves is the ultimate accessory so, now that Spring has sprung, it is time to pack up those winter-woolly mitts and slip your hands into something a little more stylish and sexy.

Like hats, gloves shouldn't just be kept for weddings and posh balls. There are so many varied styles and interesting details to be found in the world of vintage gloves that they deserve to be worn 'Just Because......' They are usually in plentiful supply at our vintage fairs - here are some that will be making a special appearance at Vintage Sunday at the Empire this weekend:

Red polka dot gauntlet gloves from Decadence

Gold lurex gloves with metallic disc trim and lurex storage pouch from Decadence

White beaded bridal gloves from Decadence

Selection of decorative wrist gloves from Decadence

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