Sunday, 4 April 2010


We have worn head coverings since the beginning of time for practical purposes and to fulfill the rules of etiquette. But the wearing of a hat no longer has to be for functional purposes (except on the coldest of days) as we no longer have to protect our heads from falling rocks and flying arrows, and neither is it considered a disgraceful act to leave the house without wearing a hat and gloves.

The wearing of a hat as de rigueur went into a gradual decline after WWII, and even fell out of favour as appropriate attire for wedding guests and worship congregations. Those who continued to don hats as a style statement were branded as eccentric, but thankfully that is all changing - the cat in the hat is definitely back! Ruling out beanies and baseball caps, the hat is enjoying a major comeback as we realise that they are actually style art forms, draw attention to the face and our best features, add an air of mystery and frankly make us look damn hot! Guys take note, us ladies go weak at the knees for a man wearing a hat à la Frank Sinatra.

Of course I am going to say that vintage hats are the best (no need for me to go into all the reasons, because the chances are that if you are reading this you have already have a love of vintage) so where better to buy a hat than at a vintage fair? And where better than at a Frock Around The Clock Vintage Fair?

The next Vintage Sunday at the Empire takes place on Sunday 11th April at the Empire Music Hall, Belfast from 12 Noon to 4.30pm and there will be hats galore.

We have several fabulous hat sellers at Frock Around The Clock. Some of our favourites are Sharon Murray of The Old Tea Rose who always has a fantastic display of hats, bags, gloves and jewellery.

Mary Havern of Granny's Attic, who also specialises in bags and jewellery, as well as antique toys and other fascinating curios.

Eithne O'Kane of Banshee Vintage also has an amazing collection of vintage hats dating from the early 1900s up to the 1980s, which always prove to be popular sellers.
These are just a few of our vintage sellers - we have plenty of others who sell hats. Don't miss your chance to get your hands on some fabulous vintage goodies next Sunday at our Vintage Sunday at the Empire. These are unique, one-off items that you can't find in the high street stores and once they have gone, they are gone. Be sure to arrive early so you don't miss the bargains!

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