Tuesday, 1 March 2011


Voluntary Service Lisburn was established in 1981 as a charitable organisation to help meet the needs of the elderly, disabled and disadvantaged in the local community.

The furniture recycling arm of the VSL programme was set up to improve employability for the long term unemployed, improve employability for trainees and individuals service community services orders, support families on low income, encourage the public to recycle their household items, divert unwanted furniture away from landfill, attain financial independence, and seek innovative working practises and partnerships

This enterprise operates on the generosity of the general public and businesses who donate their unwanted items of furniture which in turn helps the whole community by saving on landfill. Rebranded as Inspiration Furniture, VSL will be taking part in the Retro Rooms Show this Sunday with such gorgeous restyled pieces as these.

You can visit Inspiration Furniture on Facebook and now also at The Retro Rooms Show on Sunday 6th March.

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