Thursday, 11 March 2010


Those who know me, will also know that my signature look is black. So my recent purchase of a baby pink vintage faux fur jacket was a bit of a surprise to my family and friends.

My lovely 'new' jacket made its debut outing the weekend before last to the Festival of Colours. 'Insane!' was my son's verdict on the departure from my usual gothic style. 'Fab!' was the opinion of my friend Rosie (a pink fanatic).

Two hours later (with pink acrylic fibres all over my top and jeans, the interior of my car, up my nose, stuck to my eyeballs, and floating in my Starbucks cup of tea) my new flirtation with pastel was well and truly over.

Like Ms Winehouse I have gone back to black - it's safer and far less embarrassing. But to prove that for just one day I did actually break out of the mould, there is photographic evidence on the Fast Fashion blog as Laura's camera lens snapped us leaving the festival at St George's Market.

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