Thursday, 4 March 2010


One of the most popular hotspots with the ladies at Frock Around The Clock is the retro hairdressing stand where Kelly McLean, owner of Ashby Hair, is always in great demand to create vintage-style hairdos fit for a pin-up star.

There is nothing old-fashioned about retro hairstyles; in fact they are bang on trend right now. Glamorous updos and silver screen movie-star waves and pincurls are big news on the Hollywood red carpet, while Amy Winehouse has helped to make the new beehive as popular as 'The Pob' and 'The Rachael'.

Beehives are Kelly's speciality, and having teased her own hair to dizzy heights for a few years now, they should be as she has had plenty of practice! I have sat in Kelly's chair myself on a few occasions and all that backcombing and hairspraying never fails to draw an audience as you go through the transformation process. The end result always attracts lots of oohs and aahs and a rush of females fighting to be next in the hot seat. A beehive hairdo is perfect for adding height to those of a small stature and also makes the face look leaner, giving prominence to those important cheekbones. Very versatile, they can be made smooth and sleek for formal and glamorous occasions, or less perfect for a cutting edge rock-chick look.

Not brave enough to try the beehive? Don't worry for there are plenty more styles to choose from. Tumbling curls and waves are created with just a wave of Kelly's magic wand (okay, her curling irons) with an ease that I have never been able to master at home, while elegant victory rolls are achieved with a mere flick of the wrist, and sleek Lady Gaga-esque hair bows are a piece of cake.

Kelly will be teasing tresses at this weekend's Vintage Sunday at the Empire, where glamorous updos and curls can be achieved for only £10. Don't forget to check out her rail where she will be selling off some of her fabulous collection of vintage frocks!

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