Wednesday, 17 March 2010


A happy St Patrick's Day to all our Irish friends and customers. I'm recovering from having consumed too much birthday cake yesterday and didn't make it to Belfast to see the Carnival Parade today, but I'm celebrating from home by watching some Irish themed movies.

I had an aversion to wearing green for many years due to my school uniform having consisted of a green skirt, green blouse, green jumper, green blazer and, just to add a bit of interest, fawn socks. I was forever getting into trouble for trying to add little extras into the dress code, but looking back I suppose that giant gypsy hoop earrings and purple suede winklepickers were pushing it just a little too far.

Now, however, I have various green items of vintage attire in my wardrobe including a 1970s skinny rib polo neck jumper and flared trousers, several dresses, a 1960s suit, and a matching suede coat and handbag. But, by far, my favourite green garments are a pair of 1960s butter soft, emerald green suede boots and a monastral green velvet maxi coat. I always get stopped in the street with compliments when I wear them.

Now I wonder where my fawn socks and purple suede winklepickers are?

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